Posted by: mdmusingsie | August 24, 2012

Tall Ships in Dublin

The Tall Ships concluded their annual race in Dublin this week.  What amazingly beautiful vessels these are.   Symbols of a bygone era yet still in use today.

Not unlike the Volvo Ocean Race that concluded in Galway this year, Dublin built an entire festival around the Tall Ships Finale with lots of free entertainment, informative presentations, and the general food and fun associated with these types of events.

Strong but favorable winds brought most of the ships into port days before the start of the official festival.  Even so, only a few were open to visitors on Thursday, the first official day.

I went aboard the Cuauhtemoc ship from Mexico which was one of the largest ships. (There were no American ships.)  Although we were only allowed on the deck, we could wander from stem to stern.  Our gracious hosts assisted visitors as we maneuvered the awkward walkways on and off the vessel.  One queue of sailors waited for their shore passes, saluting the Mexican flag as they exited the ship.  Others stood in various groups about the ship, busy checking in with the wider world on smart phones and laptops. Yet more, glad for human contact outside their floating family, gladly posed for pictures with kids and adults alike.

Miles of rope stood in neat loops and piles around the deck.  I was particularly impressed with the state of the boards that made up the decking.  Absent were any marks of salt water, scuffs, or the general abuse a wooden floor would take during a long journey.  The Mexican crew obviously took great pride in their ship and it showed.  Muchas Gracias, Mexico, for the opportunity to view your beautiful ship.

Sailor hats were for sale every 50 yards (or less) and plenty of festival goers fed the economy by their purchase.  A few Captain Jack wannabe’s sported the pirate variety complete with replica dreadlocks, but there’s only one Captain Jack Sparrow, and as far as I could tell, he and his Black Pearl were nowhere to be seen.   However, that didn’t stop me from enjoying the majesty of these proud vessels and I tip my virtual hat to the crews who sail them.  My only disappointment was that I couldn’t see  them in full sail.

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  1. Ah, the adventure of the high seas…interesting to see that most of those boats were built relatively recently…

    on a semi-related note…USS Constitution went sailing…

  2. […] been nearly 3 years since I saw a Tall Ship in Dublin. Interestingly enough, the one that was in town this weekend was the first one I went on when it […]

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