Posted by: mdmusingsie | July 6, 2012

It Takes Two Villages

There is so much to see and do at the Volvo Ocean Race party in Galway that it took two villages to hold everything.  The Race village is on the docks where the yachts are on display, the free concerts take place, and there is an assortment of crafts, displays, vendors, and food.

The other area across the river is the Global village which I have previously labeled tent city.  The Global Arena, where the paid events took place sits on this site along with a much larger display of some of the best Galway and Ireland have to offer.  It’s also a giant children’s playground where there were an assortment of amusement rides, trampolines, youth activities on the pitch, a Viking village, and even an ice rink.  There’s even a zip line for the truly adventurous.  Plenty to keep the kiddies happy while Mom and/or Dad explored the innovation, NUIG, GMIT, fashion, crafts, and other tents full of fun and information.  Local food was available for tasting and purchase in the food pavilion which also hosted cooking demonstrations for adults and kids.

Artists Donnacha Cahill and Moss Gaynor have a number of metal sculptures on display and over the course of the week are constructing a huge iron “rubber” duck.   Creative minds paired with recycling.

After the wettest June in a long time, July hasn’t been much better, but that hasn’t stopped droves of people from taking part in the festivities.  There was certainly plenty to keep everyone busy all day long.

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