Posted by: mdmusingsie | June 18, 2012

Comic Relief

When you’re having one of those days, or weeks as in my case, you sometimes need a little comic relief.  It won’t likely solve all your problems (or any for that matter), but will give your heart, mind, and soul a needed break.

I was having one of those weeks and decided to go to the Town Hall Theatre to see if I could get a ticket to the Des Bishop show.  For some of my faithful readers, you will know him from In the Name of the Fada, his humorous documentary about learning the Irish language in a year.  (Maith thú to him for his perseverance, I’m still struggling with my cúpla focal after too many years.)  To everyone else, he’s a standup comedian and hip-hop artist, born in the US but sent to live in Ireland from the age of 14.

Although I knew he was coming to town months in advance, for whatever reason, I put off buying a ticket.  Based on how my week had been going, I wasn’t entirely surprised to find out the show was sold out.  The waiting list was short, so I submitted my name, took a stroll in the drizzle to kill time, as I don’t do ‘standing around doing nothing’ well, and was rewarded for my efforts upon my return.

The seat I received was in the balcony, poor planners can’t be choosy, but at least it was in the front row with a perfect view of the stage.  Despite being a sold out show, at 8:00 pm when it was to start there were still plenty of empty seats.  However, this being Ireland, by about 8:10 they were almost all filled and the show started around 8:15 pm.

I purposely said ‘almost all filled’ because there were a few stragglers who wandered in between 8:15 and about 8:25.  If you’re going to see Des Bishop, or any stand-up show in general, it’s probably not a good idea to arrive late.  He made it a point to interrogate the late comers, one of whom ordered their taxi for 8 pm, which was when the show was supposed to start.   However embarrassing it was for those patrons, it was high comedy for the rest of the audience.   You might also want to avoid the front row(s) near the stage, as those people are frequently targeted as well.

He claimed he had been doing his show in a suit, but had forgotten it in Dublin, which was why he was dressed in a sweatshirt and skinny jeans.

Des Bishop kept the audience laughing through both halves of the performance.  The first part was all stand-up, but the second involved his new “toy”, an 80’s drum kit he was still learning to use, which added to the comic nature of the performance.  The penultimate piece was a hip hop number he composed only two days prior, after Ireland’s disheartening losses in the European Cup.  It was set to the tune and included the chorus of Fields of Athenry, which was sung in earnest during the closing minutes of the Ireland vs Spain game on Thursday.

All in all, it was an entertaining show as well as a welcome distraction from life’s ups and down.  Here’s hoping for a better upcoming week .

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