Posted by: mdmusingsie | March 25, 2012

Welcoming Spring

The sun in Ireland draws out life like a magnet.  It summons those still wrapped in winter slumber; calls us to blossom like the daffodils and tulips sprouting around town.  Today, spring dug in her heels, forcing winter to loosen its grip and slide back to its cave for a well deserved rest.  Unlike most days, when the sun only makes an occasional appearance from behind protective clouds, it arrived today and stayed, slightly hazy at times, but never completely going into hiding.

The bank of the river Corrib near the Spanish Arch was lined with spectators out to witness this infrequent event.  Young, old, friends, lovers, visitors, and locals were savoring the warmth, resting under a gentle breeze, and sending any anxieties to merge with the water moving towards its destiny.

Three kayakers approached the walled end of the canal to practice their craft.  Maybe the kayak polo games that are played in the space will begin soon.  People stopped to watch them set their vessels on the concrete edge, snap their rubber barrier into place, then scoot the craft forward until it pitched headlong into the water.  The one I watched landed nearly upright, unlike the poor soul I’d seen a few weeks earlier who had been held in a precarious balance atop the metal railing along a bridge farther up the canal.  Once his mates let go, that one went under, eventually flipping right side up.

Although the tide had nearly finished its exit, there were fewer beachcombers than I expected; yet plenty of walkers paraded along Galway Bay at South Park.

Absence really does make the heart grow fonder, and not just for lovers.  Those who frequently see the bright, shiny orb forget its wonders, the caress of warmth, how a squint curves the lips in a similar fashion to a smile.

My footprints are among those disturbing the ripples in the sand.  However, they will be gone by evening, along with the sun.  Who knows if it will come back to stay tomorrow or return to its game of hide and seek with the clouds, but we relish the joy we had of it today.


Galway Bay


River Corrib, Spanish Arch


Corrib kayakers



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