Posted by: mdmusingsie | March 17, 2012

St. Patrick’s – cuid a dó

It had been tempting to head to Dublin for the big parade, but I decided that jockeying for a place to view the event with half a million other folks wasn’t really my idea of a good time.  Being somewhat height impaired means I would have had to be there a good 4-5 hours before the parade started to get a viewable spot.  As I watched the Dublin parade on RTE from the comfort of my apartment, I saw folks stacked 20-25 deep along the route.  I have a much better view where I am.  🙂  Surprisingly, quite a few US marching bands were participating in the parade besides Notre Dame.

However, that doesn’t mean I missed out on the festivities.  Galway had their own parade, billed as the largest the town has seen.  The local crowd was only 4-5 deep and when arriving about half hour before the start I was still able to get a good spot, though the prime ones were going quickly.

Although the skies threatened, the rain held off for both the Dublin and Galway parades, for which the spectators and participants were grateful.

Unlike the professional parade in Dublin, the Galway version was very community oriented celebrating the local schools, GAA (sports) clubs, local theatrical companies, the farmers who are a large part of the Irish economy, and the multiple cultures that now call Galway home.

Stretching my legs after standing for the ~2 hr parade, I noticed the party atmosphere was already in high gear and it was only mid afternoon.  Plenty of groups of young people lined the Corrib River and Galway Bay and were busy chugging cans and bottles of beer.   I suspect that will continue long into the night.  It will be interesting to view the resulting clutter (bruscar bins are few and far between on the route) when I take my walk tomorrow.

Enjoy the parade of photos below…

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  1. What a fun parade!!!!…I especially enjoyed the llamas(?)….They seemed relatively serious, and what’s a St Patrick’s day parade without llamas?

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