Posted by: mdmusingsie | January 21, 2012

Sean-nós sa Músaem

I’ve attended concerts at the Portland (OR) art museum, but today I attended my first concert at the Galway City Museum. John Faulkner, singer, songwriter, story teller, and organizer of the Songs & Stories series at the Músaem. Today’s program featured John along with Máirtin Tom Sheánin, a renowned Connemara sean-nós singer.

The two gentlemen took turns singing, sean-nós style, but not before providing a little story to go with each tune. Being from Connamara, Máirtin told many of his stories in a combination of Irish and English and sung his songs in Irish. With my cúpla focal, I was actually able to catch bits and pieces. John performed tunes from all over the globe, telling the audience that he enjoyed researching Irish tunes written outside Ireland.

All of the approximately 50 chairs that had been set out were full and many stood to watch with assorted museum patrons coming and going as well. It was a very appreciative audience who didn’t need much coaxing to join in on the curfá (chorus). It was nice to see a half dozen or so children in attendance and even nicer to see that they could sit quietly and appreciate the performance without requiring some kind of electronic device to keep them occupied.

There’s one more concert next week before they take a break and return in April. I know where I’ll be tráthnóna Satharn seo chugainn.



  1. Hello- I’m new at blogging, so I hope I’m not making a mistake with this blog. This is one of the only blog links I could find for Mairtin Tom Sheainin, host of Togha agus Rogha. I have a short question about his show. It is always introduced with an Irish traditional tune played on a button accordion. Is there anyone out there that can tell me the name of that tune ?
    Mise, le Meas- Mike G.

    • The intro music to the show is unique to the show, probably a special composition,Togha & Rogha played by Stiofán O’Gríofa

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