Posted by: mdmusingsie | December 4, 2011

Winter Travels

Unlike Dublin Airport, Shannon Airport doesn’t have the frequent and multiple bus service, so I rented a car for a week upon my return. Naturally, having gone to all that expense and trouble, I wasn’t just going to let it sit idle in the parking lot of the apartment complex, so I planned a little road trip to one of my favorite places – Donegal County.

Even though I’ve been there multiple times, I still find new things to see along the way, like the metal horse and knight on the N4 about ½ hr east of Sligo ( I didn’t have a chance to pull over to get my own photo), or the brass sculpture of the woman, waiting for her sailor love to return from the sea, in Rosses Point.

Although the weather this time of year isn’t ideal, I wasn’t the only hardy soul out walking the promenade in Bundoran in the wind and light rain. It was obvious by the number of closed shop fronts in the middle of a weekday, just how much of a tourist town Bundoran is. The coastline is still the perfect place for a soothing walk along the water.

What an amazing array of landscape is contained in this small island – from the frequent green hills broken by stone walls to the lunar-like Burren, and even the sandy hills in Bundoran, there’s something for everyone.

Of course no trip north would be complete without a stop at the Belleek factory. No GPS required – merely instinct for me, anymore. While I am doing my part to stimulate the economy, I did reign in my usual abundant order as I would not be shipping things back to the US. They still had the same visitor center mugs as last year, which I already have, but there was an abundant array of Christmas items, and a number of bargains as well.


  1. I showed your entry to Charles and he told me that his family loved to vacation at Bundoran when his children were younger. And I was excited to see the word Belleek! I think it would be so wonderful to see these magical places without all the tourists. Thanks for the pictures!

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