Posted by: mdmusingsie | October 30, 2011

Timing Is Everything

Sometimes timing is everything, and today it was literal as well as figurative.   On the literal side, we “fell back” today, or got that hour of sleep that we were deprived of roughly six months ago.  As erratic as my sleep pattern can be, I can’t say I noticed that much, but I’m sad to lose the extra hour of daylight in the evening.  Those in the US have to wait another week to get yours back.  Isn’t it odd that it’s always easier and faster to adjust to getting the hour back then it is to having one taken away?

On the figurative side, I decided to head into the City Center to see what kind of ghosts and goblins might be out and about.  There was a kid’s fancy dress party going on and plenty of entertainment including trick or treating along the main streets provided by the volunteers from COPE – a very worthy organization that assists with social support for the elderly and homeless as well as providing refuge for women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

(Side note: For those on the other side of the pond, the term fancy dress has a different meaning altogether.  If I were invited to a fancy dress party in the US, that would mean something along the lines of black tie or evening gown.  However, here it means costume party.)

On my way through Eyre Square, I noticed a banner on the Hotel Meyrick.  It appeared as if they were gearing up for a visit from President-elect Michael D. Higgins.  I had no idea when the event was to take place and since there weren’t many people milling about, it obviously wasn’t soon.

So I went about my business, attempting to see if I could catch any of the season’s apparitions on film.  To my delight, many were absolutely photogenic, and appeared to be enjoying their outing.  Like 99% of the things I own, my costumes are in storage, so I decided to pick up a head band with little light up pumpkin antennae to wear for the trick-or-treaters tomorrow.

On my way back the crowds had begun to gather in front of the hotel, so I decided to hang out for a while to see if I could catch a glimpse of the newly elected President.  About forty minutes later they closed the street which meant things would be happening soon, and it was another twenty before the man himself took to the outdoor podium. He gave a short but impassioned speech that had everyone clapping and cheering.  In the last couple years I have not only met one Irish President (in Portland, OR in 2009), but been within about 20 feet of another.  I can’t say I’ve been that close to a US President, ever.  Today, timing was certainly everything.

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