Posted by: mdmusingsie | October 16, 2011

Dancing in the Rain

It was sunny when I left the house for a walk. (What a cheesy opening line – you know where this is heading; just as if I had started a murder mystery with the line it was a dark and stormy night.)  Anyway, I’d been working on a story for my creative writing class and needed some fresh air and inspiration to come up with a plausible climax and conclusion. I’ve started, enhanced, and often finished pieces by going for nice long walks, and I hoped today would provide that creative spark I needed. I was into the story early on, finding myself transported right into the current scene, only to be jolted back to reality as I was about to collide with assorted oncoming fellow travelers. I could see the proverbial mountain; I just wasn’t sure what was on top.

About a third of the way into the walk I’ve dubbed, ‘the long way’, I came up with the tipping point or purpose for the story – and was quite pleased with it. Continuing down along the canal, I stopped to jot a few notes so I wouldn’t forget. Farther along, as I neared the point where I turn off to head towards Galway Bay, I had that perfect jolt of inspiration – I even now knew how it was going to end and I was really almost blown away by the brilliance (whether I can actually capture the scenes adequately in words remains to be seen, but the idea was spectacular, if I do say so myself).

As I was jotting down a few more notes near Salthill and the famine memorial, a large dark cloud blotted out the sun and the wind kicked into high gear. I started back, knowing full well I wasn’t going to out walk this oncoming storm. So I zipped my purse shut, lest my notes for the story, among others, get wet, zipped up my jacked and just kept on walking. The wind was lifting my hair from behind and I thought for sure my barrette was going to take flight.

Along this stretch, just near the causeway, there is nowhere to hide – no shops to duck into, no trees to try and stand behind – just grass, a paved walkway, and the bay. Near gale force winds literally pushed me from behind along the path while rain lashed in sideways. I felt my pants being plastered to the back of my legs by the wind and rain. The wind was so strong, it was almost like a dance as I walked and skipped along, with the other handful of folks who were caught out in the elements.

There was absolutely nothing I could do but enjoy the adventure. And what a ride it was – up there with an E-coupon ride at Disneyland (and yes, I am dating myself by mentioning that). My pants were soaked by the time I reached the place where I turn and walk along the inlet, but the rain had lessened and the wind was dying down. Sunshine to drenched in under 30 minutes, and I felt exhilarated. Maybe it was the high of finishing the story, but I felt so alive! On top of the world! I smiled the whole way home, and even laughed as I peeled off my soaking wet pants and surprisingly wet sweater. Although my nylon coat fell well past my bum, my knickers were soaked through as well. Had I but a little soap with me along the way, I could have saved myself some laundry. Although the sun was out by the time I returned to my apartment, as I write this it’s dark and the lashing rain is back. Just like the Pacific Northwest – if you don’t like the weather, just wait a few minutes. What a fun and amazing way to spend the afternoon.

By the way, the genre of the piece I was writing was Magical Realism – if it turns out well, some of you might actually get to read it one day.


  1. Thanks Dawn for sharing your walk with us. I feel like I was right beside you – Galway bay, sounds lovely. Keep on writing.
    Your Friend,
    Kathy Buttrell
    Vancouver WA

  2. What a wonderful walk…definitely could have been one where you would have practiced a swear word or two…

    • Thanks for the comments – I’m glad folks are enjoying the posts!

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