Posted by: mdmusingsie | October 7, 2011

A Haven in the Jungle

St. Stephen’s Green – a haven nestled in the center of a jungle. Trees of every shape and size line the paths. Elder statesmen standing tall and proud; witnesses to bygone eras. What stories do they tell their tender offspring, whom they guard? ‘When I was just like you…’ The prams were larger; buggies allowing only a glimpse of the sky. Now, the children are able to see all around them. School children have probably changed little; especially in behavior. Even their costumes speak of former time. I’ve no argument with dress codes and uniforms, except for forcing girls to wear skirts – the feminist in me speaking out. For all their childish pranks, it’s hard not to envy their innocence. Their shoulders are still free from the burdens of work, mortgage, health care, and the like.

People line the benches around a central spoke, facing inward, watching, waiting almost expectantly for something…but what? Maybe just for that feeling of contentment to descend. Something unreachable in a crowded city street, bombarded by constant noise. Yet, surrounded by the pulse and sounds of nature, we’re allowed a brief glimpse of a simpler time. A moment to shut out all the worries, cares, and uncertainties of life and enjoy they soft green grass, the rustle of wind through leaves, the chatter of birds, and the opportunity to smile, again, at the laughter of a child. We all need a haven in the jungle that is life.

PS – There are other wonderful parks in Dublin – Marrion Square, Iveagh Gardens, and of course Phoenix Park

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