Posted by: mdmusingsie | September 13, 2011

Changing Seasons

Deciduous trees, tired of the burden of supporting their offspring, begin to prepare for winter slumber. Those same short-lived leaves, desperate to showcase their value one last time, go out in a blaze of golden, red, and orange glory. The southern hemisphere steals minutes of daylight each day as we go through the semiannual tug of war. They win for a time whilst we rest and recuperate, only to emerge strong again after hibernation to pull them back, at least for a time.

For the first time in more years than I can remember, I’m mourning the loss of summer. For so long I couldn’t wait until June 22nd, when the days would finally become shorter. My dislike of summer had more to do with weather, than any desire for darkness. The main goal was to get past the unbearable heat and/or humidity, depending on where I was living at the time. However, now that I’m in a place where bright sunshine doesn’t equate to sweltering conditions, I’ve actually enjoyed the long days; being able to walk at night without the cloak of unease that can sometimes accompany darkness.

Another sign of the times, my primary form of entertainment, the Tunes in the Church concerts, has run its course for the year, as the tourist population dwindles. Despite the quality of entertainment, the locals prefer the pubs, which is an integral part of the social stratum. I lack the confidence to go it alone – a definite dichotomy for someone unaccompanied and half way around the world from home (home is where the heart is, and mine is definitely here).

The winds of change have blown me on some very interesting journeys this year, and I suspect they will continue to toss me around until I find that permanent landing place where I can turn my artistic side free and let her soar to her full potential.

I have long wanted to spend the winter holidays in Europe, visions of Dickensian sugar plums and roasted chestnuts dancing in my head. I’ll let you know if my romantic notions bear any semblance to reality. It’s all part of the journey, either way – nothing ventured, nothing gained; you never know until you try; and all the other related clichés. Keep checking back for updates and keep those comments coming – it’s nice to know some folks really do read these labors of love that I write.

Swans in Galway Bay


  1. Ah, it would be so cool to spend Christmas in Ireland – I’m trying to talk Charles into celebrating New Years in Scotland – I would love to experience Hogmanay! I hoep to spend a couple of weeks (at least in the UK) in late November. Charles wants to go over to Northern Ireland to look up some genealogy on his family. It would be great to catch up with each other over in Ireland! If I’m going to be that close, we’ll just have to figure out a way to see each other!

  2. Sounds like Ireland has put you closer to the feelings with the change of seasons…liked how you expressed yourself

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