Posted by: mdmusingsie | August 12, 2011

St. Andrews, revisited

My last trip to St. Andrews was memorable, not for the sights, but for the wind and lashing rain that accompanied them. I remember standing in the safety of some tourist or coffee shop overlooking part of the famous golf course and watching players out there swinging away, even in the nasty weather. I guess if you come all the way to Scotland to play a round at St. Andrews, you aren’t going to let a bit of weather stop your once in a lifetime experience.

I also do remember St. Andrews Cathedral, or what’s left of it. It was a massive structure at one time, but was destroyed during the reformation. There’s a lovely walk along the waterside from the Cathedral to St. Andrews Castle (remember the part about no trip being complete without a castle). This one also came to ruin about the same time as it had been a residence of bishops and wealthy clergy. It is in a fine spot, right on a rocky outcropping along the shore of the North Sea. Although it lies on the sea, they partitioned off a section to make a swimming pool outside the castle.

St. Andrews, a prime holiday stop off for busloads of tourists, also seemed to have a large number of Italian visitors. Maybe this is where Italians come to cool off in the summer. There was a breeze and though cloudy, it remained rainless; however, at only 16 degrees Celsius it was about half of what it is in Italy this time of year. After hearing so much Italian being spoken I had to stop at the Gelateria on the way back to the car for two scoops of Gelato.

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