Posted by: mdmusingsie | August 10, 2011


I took a walk into the town to mail some postcards. It’s a nice little town and even has a train station to get to Edinburgh. Since the apartment was once a mill, it naturally sits very near the water. There is a beautiful walkway along the river that takes you right into town as well. To get from my apartment to town I cross the Faery Bridge to the other side of the river.

The claim to fame tourist attraction is Dunblane Cathedral, which is worth the visit. You can tell the tower is older than the cathedral, but only by about 200 years.

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The amount and quality of wood carvings is quite spectacular. Each pew contains hand carvings on the end as well as on each arm rest. There are probably at least half a dozen different designs that run in an alternating pattern. Some of the side pews had animals carved on their arm rests and there were cherubs at the head of each row of the choir stalls. More beautiful carvings can be found in the choir area where the large organ resides.

Stained glass windows adorn many of the windows in the church, and they have placards explaining the history behind the windows, which is helpful. There is a spiral stone staircase that leads to the rear loft area and a quiet chapel in the back as well, for silent meditation.

Across from the Cathedral is a museum which has a history of the town and the Cathedral. There are a number of exhibits and the volunteer staff are friendly and helpful.

With the location so close to places like Stirling and Edinburgh, it’s a great place to take in a the best of both worlds – the larger cities as well as the quiet countryside, and plenty of nearby tourist attractions including Doune Castle, which is a must see for any castle enthusiasts.

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