Posted by: mdmusingsie | July 24, 2011

White Wedding

We awoke to one of a wedding couple’s worst nightmares – waking up to clouds and rain the day of their wedding which included an outdoor reception.  Who would have imagined that here in summer in sunny southern Italy, this particular day would be dampened by a weak storm.  The wedding wasn’t until 6 pm so there was a lot of wishing, hoping, and praying going on that it would blow through before the festivities began.

The same thing happened to another couple in our group at their wedding.  The day had started out stormy, but just about the time the wedding was to begin the skies parted and bright sun shown down on their special day.

Fortunately, it was no different today.  An hour or so before the wedding the skies cleared and the sun made a brilliant appearance, staying to set colorfully in the west.  Someone said it’s good luck to have rain on your wedding day.  Let’s hope this was a good omen.

After a traditional Catholic wedding ceremony in a beautiful old church (where my camera battery died just as the wedding began), off to the reception at another, larger villa.   Oysters and prawns abounded alongside champagne and bottled water while dozens of servers offered trays of other assorted hors d’ouvers to the guests as they mingled.

The church and reception sported gorgeous arrangements of flowers, all in white, including plenty of white roses – my personal favorite, as well.  Although the dinner was originally scheduled to be outside under a flowing chiffon canopy, they had moved it indoors due to the questionable weather earlier in the day.  With a late start to the wedding, we sat down to dinner just after 11 pm.  Seating was assigned and the centerpiece consisted of a ball of white flowers, similar to the other arrangements atop a huge glass cone shaped vase.  Each charger plate sported a small acrylic box containing a marzipan type wedding cake replica, handmade by someone in the bride’s family.

It was easily 1:30 am when our four course dinner was over, a spectacular array of food, I might add.  We were informed that a dessert buffet awaited by the fountain and canopy, which included not one but four wedding cakes.  Three were tiered fondant and two held a cascade of white icing flowers while the third sported a colorful assortment.  The fourth cake was conical shaped and decorated entirely in large white icing flowers.  What a gorgeous presentation.  However, wedding cake wasn’t the real dessert.  Multiple stations abounded with an assortment of small white (or near white) confections.  Having spotted several items resembling chocolate molds that I either own or want to own, I chose a few pieces and was delighted to find they were all white chocolate shells (my favorite, as well) with different flavored mousse in the center.  I’ll have to add such a dessert to my own growing repertoire.

After all that sugar, what else was there to do but dance off that surge of energy?  The festivities continued until the sun just began to send its rays over the horizon.

Blessings to the newly wedded couple and many, many thanks to all who helped make such a memorable event possible.

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