Posted by: mdmusingsie | July 23, 2011


After a fairly decent night’s sleep, we headed for the castle in Barletta. They’ve turned part of it into a museum and use the main courtyard for events. There are offices and even a library in one of the wings.

It’s quite warm so we sat outside a bar while my friends had a few beers and I had some cold water. A nice breeze was flowing and we were under a canopy, so it was actually comfortable. We decided to do a little more exploring and walked through a few shops until we came to the local “mall” which had a large co-op, which is similar to the US superstore (think Walmart).

It’s here in the “non-tourist” area that our lack of Italian was much more apparent. In Rome you could get by with a few words and they spoke enough English that we could communicate. Not so here. As we exited the co-op it set off the alarm, similar to when they forget to remove the security tag from a piece of clothing. We thought it was just us, as it happened for each of the three of us, but when it happened for the man behind us as well, we felt somewhat less intimidated. The check out person spoke no English so communication was difficult. In the end, she called the security guard over and they discovered one of the hand held shopping baskets was too close to the security mechanism, and that’s why everyone was beeping.

Back at the hotel, more of the out of town guests had arrived so we sat around and chatted before heading to a dinner at one of the bride’s family villas for a dinner of her family and us out of towners. The family had cooked most of the dinner which was an amazing spread including plenty of Italian salami and prosciutto as well as eggplant parmesan, multiple varieties of calzone and many other tasty dishes. They even served red wine that they made themselves. If that weren’t enough, dinner was followed by another amazing spread of desserts. What a wonderful evening with a very warm and welcoming family.

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