Posted by: mdmusingsie | July 22, 2011

Train to Barletta

It was up early for the train to Barletta – a three and a half hour ride from Rome (assuming you take the most direct train – there are other options). Our group of eight, which includes a toddler, piled into a single (large) cab with an extraordinary amount of luggage (not by me, I was traveling light), and made it safely to the station.  We had booked first class tickets, which are a little more expensive, but I would have to agree that the comfort was worth it.  The little toddler was a real trooper for most of the ride, but as with anyone his age, he prefers to be mobile.  Although he had risen early, he didn’t want to miss any of the excitement of the train ride, and postponed his nap until we were very near out stop – fairly typical for small children.

The farther south we headed the more the terrain became less mountainous and more agricultural.  I spied corn, tobacco, melon and cabbage as well as a myriad of vineyards. There were plenty of olive groves as well.  I was pleased to see a number of wind farms as well.  I’m a big advocate of energies not derived from fossil fuels.

It took the singe cab in Barletta 3 trips to take us and the luggage to the hotel.  The Hotel La Terrazza is right across the street from its own private beach and most of us have rooms looking out to the sea.  Quite a nice place for a reasonable price.

Barletta Hotel Terrace

Everyone was pretty tired, so we sat around the pool most of the afternoon; a few people opted for a swim.  Tomorrow we’ll explore.

PS – Good thing we came today – we heard there was going to be a train strike on Friday.

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