Posted by: mdmusingsie | July 18, 2011

Roma, giorno 2

Walking go leor today.  We took the scenic route to the Pantheon (we are in the heart of the shopping district and it’s saldi time (50-70% off sales) – of course four women would be easily side tracked by such events.  During lunch near the Pantheon we sat next to five Scotsmen who were there for a wedding as well, though theirs was later today.   We toured the Pantheon and hung around long enough to see many of the attendees heading to the wedding dressed in their finery.  My friend even took some great pictures of the groom and his attendants as well as the bride.  (We have no idea who they were except that they were from the Glasgow area, but if they happen to read this contact me and I’ll get the photos forwarded.)  Sadly, no men in kilts, though they may have wished they had worn them as it would have been more comfortable than a suit 🙂

From there we wandered through the beautiful church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva.  A gentleman was surveying the structure near the altar as the building is beginning to have structural issues and they are working on restoration.  It’s a very beautiful place, so hopefully they will be able to save it.  Then on to the Plazza Navona where we cooled off with some gelato.  I found a wonderful tapestry store full of all kinds of beautiful things I can’t afford, but had a grand time looking at them.

The city is full of Pizza, Pasta, and Gelato –three of my favorite words in Italian.

(Trying to play catchup so this one is short)

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