Posted by: mdmusingsie | July 3, 2011

Saturday in the Park

What a glorious sunny day. One of the days that people not from this part of the world take for granted. Not so the inhabitants of this Isle. As I went on my errands I passed through Eyre Square which was teeming with life. Dozens of college aged youths were having a water fight using litre-sized water bottles as well as some over sized water cannons. Unlike the variety that falls from the sky, no one complained about the moisture raining down on them. Instead they giggled and screeched with laughter. In the warm sun they would dry soon enough.

Shop Street was packed with people, along with the shops that lined both sides. It was nearly impossible to maneuver inside one of my favorite shoe stores, so I abandoned that task for another, less crowded day, and headed for the outdoor market to pick up some fresh veg.


The street seldom lacks some kind of performance, whether musical or artistic, and today the largest crowd hovered around a band called Keywest. I’d seen them before in the street, and they are quite good, though very young looking (the sure sign of a downward slope into middle age). They have received good publicity in the local papers and are well on their way to making a name for themselves. The take in the open guitar case made it appear to be a good day for the lads. Some performers can make a tidy sum, from what I’ve seen.

I try to do my part to aid and encourage these young performers, even some of the less talented variety. It takes a lot of guts to get out and peddle your craft in front of throngs of strangers, and they are all deserving of at least some acknowledgement and a little encouragement. However, sometimes I admit I’m either preoccupied (a fairly common state for me), lack suitable change, or just can’t dig it out of the black hole of my purse in a reasonable amount of time. (Besides, just like charitable causes, if we try to give to all of them, most of us would end up being recipients.)

On a second outing I noticed traffic jams in several places. Two lane streets can only hold so many cars. Even larger cities like Galway lack anything larger going through an lár (the city centre). At these times, it’s much easier to be propelled only by my two feet.

Hopefully the nice weather will hold for Sunday so I can finish my washing. The dryer part of the washer/dryer combination is worthless (although it has a setting up to 180 minutes, if it can’t even begin to dry a pair of jeans and a few nylon undergarments in an hour, it’s not worth the price of the electricity). It takes a day or more to dry things inside. I’d certainly like to find a place with a real dryer before winter.


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