Posted by: mdmusingsie | June 30, 2011

What Type of Swan Are You?

During one of my favorite walks along the Galway Bay where the River Corrib spills out into the bay, I was observing the swans. The tide was slowly making its way back in while currents flowing out of the river ran in contradiction.

While the swans were going about their daily chores, I happened to notice their movements which reminded me exactly of how people go through life.

What struck me first was a pair of swans just coasting out towards the bay on the current from the river, allowing it to send them where it would. Not unlike some people who merely drift through life, going whichever way the wind blows.

Another, closer to the breaker wall, drifted back a few inches then swam forward, treading water to stay in a certain place. How many of us have felt like we were just treading water, trying not to get swept away in the current of life? Interestingly, others in the same area did not seem to be fighting the flow as much – maybe they had better treading or coping skills.

Those positioned in an area where current didn’t reach merely floated serenely, no need to stress or worry or fight through the ever changing waters. How I long to be like one of them.

A number of them were preening, some in the water, using the liquid to wash away the odd bits that might have landed on their feathers; while others stood on the exposed stones, likely checking those places that spend a great deal of time submerged. A few sat or stood on the rocks or blocks of concrete, either observing the others, or taking welcome respite from the currents of life.

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