Posted by: mdmusingsie | May 30, 2011

At the Movies

I attended my first movie in Ireland today. Movie theatres aren’t much different, not that I expected them to be. Probably the biggest difference to Regal Cinemas back in WA/OR is the lack of trivia, commercials, and other pre-show “entertainment.” Otherwise, ticket prices were about on par and concessions equally outrageously priced.

I know theatres make much of their money on concessions, but there is some element of the economics concept of supply and demand that I believe would increase the income if the prices were to drop. If the prices were more reasonable, more people would purchase. The individual item margins might be lower, but they would make it up in quantity. At least that’s my humble opinion.

I went to a matinee, so it wasn’t very crowded, though I’ve been to movies with many less people. The movie I saw was Pirates of the Caribbean, On Stranger Tides. It was entertaining and had some interesting twists. Of course, who can resist Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow?

Interestingly, I was the only one who stayed until the end of the credits. Now if you’ve never sat through the entire credits, you are missing out. Occasionally, there are little “trailers” or outtakes or other bits and pieces that are shown after the credits. Pirates is one of those guaranteed to have a post-credits scene that sets up the next film. Granted, not all movies have them, but if you don’t stay, you’ll never know. Besides, I find it interesting to see the song list, which usually comes near the end, and also find out where the movie was filmed, which is also at the end.

So, there’s your handy tip for the day along with your economics lesson. All free of charge (though you are welcome to send donations 🙂 ).

PS – Most everyone in Galway must eat dinner around 6:30 pm – I don’t normally see the streets that empty in the City Center unless I’m out walking on a Sunday morning.

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