Posted by: mdmusingsie | May 8, 2011

Mother’s Day with Brigit

I went to Brigit’s Garden today – a most beautiful and peaceful place.  Gardens for each season and a nature trail that allows you to meander with your thoughts through the bounties and beauties nature has to offer.  To my surprise, the woman at the reception actually recognized me from last year and remembered that I was writing books.

Mother’s Day is the perfect day, I thought, to come here to honor all life givers – our birth Mother, Mother nature, Mother figures in our lives, and any/all deity Mothers (the Virgin Mary, Mother Goddess, etc.).   I had expected it to be crowded, but attendance was quite sparse, due, partly, to the occasion and also the spotty weather.   It did allow me the peace and tranquility to wander as I would, observing the wonders of nature and absorbing the calm into the core of my being.

I walked counter-clockwise around all the circles to unwind any doubts, fears, uncertainties, or pent up negative energies; clearing the way for growth, rebirth and an abundance of creativity to take their place.

I posted four wishes on a tree in the Beltaine Garden; not out of greed, but assigning one to each season, as all things come in their own time. May they fly on the winds (which were certainly plentiful today) with all the other wishes hung there, to those who can best help us on our life’s journey’s.

In the dream circle (new since last year), I stood facing the sun (which made a rare appearance), and poured forth my dreams for this new life I’ve begun.  There was also a new World Cairn Fountain (not quite finished) which contains stones from people from all over the world.  Despite our different locations, features, and belief systems; we are all individuals yet all part of the same human race.

PS – new pix on the web site

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