Posted by: mdmusingsie | May 5, 2011

Which comes first?

The proverbial question about which came first, the chicken or the egg, has haunted many aspects of this journey.   I can’t get a job without a work permit, but I can’t get a work permit because I don’t have an employer.  I also couldn’t get any potential employers to talk to me from 6,000 miles away, so I had to move here.  However, now, I have a stamp on my passport which allows me to temporarily stay in the country, but does not allow me to work for a company in Ireland, even if I wanted to.

I tried to set up a bank account, but I needed proof of residency like a utility bill, but the TV/internet/phone company won’t give me service unless I have “direct debit” from my checking.  While trying to become more environmentally conscious, I’ve converted many accounts to online or e-statements instead of paper; yet an e-statement for the Irish cell phone I’ve had for the last year doesn’t qualify.

I’ll let the universe sort this one out…

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