Posted by: mdmusingsie | July 19, 2010

Completing the Circle

Sunday I went to visit some friends in Cork City who have three adorable little girls. Brinna is going to be 4, Derrah (hope I’m spelling them correctly)  is about 2 and a half and Caitlynn is a mere 9 weeks old. Teresa has here work cut out for her. At least both of the older girls are potty trained, Derrah just recently – I’m sure it’s nice to only have one in diapers. The girls were very friendly and we had a good time making puzzles, wearing tiaras, and watching cartoons.

I departed early afternoon, heading in the direction of Limerick but stopping first at Castle Matrix in Rathkeal. It was nearly as difficult to find as Parkes Castle (which I never did find). I think I asked at least 5 people, inching closer and closer with each request. There is no longer a sign at the end of the road, which is right along the N21, and it was a leap of faith to drive down the gravel path with weeds growing up the center, but I did find the castle at the end of the drive.

Although it was owned by my friend Siabhra’s friend Liz, it looked like it might not be inhabited, though there were a few windows propped open on the upper floors. I knocked on the large wooden door, and walked around a bit, but only spied one person fishing on the river behind the castle. There was a dog in one of the out buildings but I didn’t see any people. At one time it was a B&B, but times are not what they once were, and maintaining such a massive structure is likely very expensive. There was a circular area for turning around cars that wasn’t overgrown like the paths, so someone may still be living either in the castle or one of the outbuildings but they just weren’t around when I stopped.

Last stop of the day was Adare where I spent the night before heading to Shannon for my last night. I could only get 56k on my mobile broadband, so I wasn’t on the internet much at all or I would have posted a few things.

I had hoped to tour Adare Castle, but when I arrived around 10 am I was the first to request a tour and they needed more people. I hung around for a while, walking around town, but when I came back I was still the only one so decided to head up to Shannon – I had to work today anyway. There was a sign for a ringfort very near Bunratty, so I wanted to try and find it to meditate a little before my impending departure, but the road to the attraction was blocked off for maintenance or something. Sadly, some things just aren’t meant to be.

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