Posted by: mdmusingsie | June 30, 2010

Into each life, a little rain must fall

There is a literal and figurative take on this particular blog title.

On the literal side, I was just getting ready to chastise the Pacific Northwest for hoarding all the rain (I’m sure most people back there would gladly have parted with a good portion of it). June saw record rain fall (over 4.25 inches compared to the average of 1.59 inches).

Oddly enough, the weather has been so abnormally nice here in the West of Ireland that they were actually asking people to stop watering their lawn and washing cars. There was also talk of reducing water pressure in some areas of Galway to conserve water. My frequent walks over the river confirmed the low water levels. Galway’s average for June is 2.80 inches, and for the life of me, I couldn’t find the total so far this month on the web. However, I know that there have been very few rainy days this month.

Fortunately, I did not have to start researching rain dances as we finally started getting some rain this week. (I haven’t been able to find any Céilí dances in the area – sorry Sam, I will likely have forgotten at least half of what I learned by the time I return.) It’s back to typical Irish weather, and about time, in my opinion. I’m not a sun-worshiper, by nature, and all this sunshine was frankly getting on my nerves. I’m much happier with overcast and a light drizzle.

On the figurative side, add broken eye glasses to my list of fun things to deal with while out of the country. The frame of my “computer” glasses, as I’ve come to call them, (different from my “driving” glasses and contact lenses – I seem to be in that tweener stage of eyesight) decided to break last week. They were quite a few years old and had thin metal frames. A dose of super glue had no affect (not that it was likely to hold, but was worth a try).

There were several optometrists in the area so I headed to the closest one, and they confirmed my suspicion that the frames were beyond repair. Luckily, the lenses were large enough that they could be cut down and put into smaller frames. The woman in the office was very helpful and understanding and we came up with a pair of frames for only €55 (this included fitting the existing lenses), which I considered a bargain, considering a new pair of glasses including lenses normally runs in the neighborhood of several hundred US dollars. She even offered to have them ready later in the day, but I said I would pick them up the following morning. (So if you’re in need of glasses or other eye care assistance I would highly recommend Richard Hughes, Optician in Woodquay, Galway.)

Thankfully, I’m back to “normal” which means not having to sit at arms length (and stretching) from the computer screen or wearing my “cheater” dollar store glasses with my contact lenses. For what it’s worth, I’m trying to eat more carrots; they are particularly good here, at least this time of year – for me, a rare exercise in vanity to forestall the slippery slope towards bi-focal’s.


  1. Hi Dawn,
    Yes, we’re having a bit of the wet weather here in Washington and Oregon today – just in time for the holiday weekend! Actually it is supposed to be sunny but we’ll see.
    Looking forward to future blogs 🙂
    Take care ~

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