Posted by: mdmusingsie | June 4, 2010

Settling in (arís)

Well, I bid Clonbur a fond farewell. I will definitely miss the view, but not the lack of transportation. I’m settling into a house in Newcastle (quasi-suburb of Galway City) near the university (NUIG) with my flat mates. It’s a rather large house that has been chopped up into four “units”. Each of these has multiple bedrooms and they usually rent out each bedroom separately. Being this close to the college, it’s likely aimed at students. There are two bedrooms on the main level and one larger one in a loft and they all have desks, which is handy. The living area is small, but doable. The kitchen, to put it in perspective, is about what you’d find in a travel trailer. Two people can stand next to each other in there, but they will bump elbows trying to accomplish anything.

Oh well, it’s livable enough, or will be when they fix the washer/dryer. I tried to use it the first day, having been on the road for almost 6 days, and it was broken. Several days later, and having nearly exhausted my supply of small clothes, I did some laundry in the sink, hoping that the contraption might consider drying a load even if it couldn’t wash, but that was nothing more than wishful thinking. Hence my knickers are hanging in the bathroom and may be dry in a few days. I guess if I get desperate I can drag out the ironing board and give them a boost. Still need to figure out where the clothes line might be. Life is an adventure!

At least I can go to concerts (Altan tonight) and such in town and I get along really well with my flat-mates, so it should work out well.

There are finally new pictures on my web site from my castle hunting weekend. Enjoy!



  1. Glad you were able to find new digs. Sooo envious of your Altan concert! As well as all of the other musical treats you’ll be sure to encounter. Let us know how the concert was 🙂
    ~ Carin

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