Posted by: mdmusingsie | May 30, 2010

Dé Domhnaigh

There was sunshine this morning, though it actually arrived last night while I was at the Fairy Bridges and decided to stay. A nice day for a drive north, in case I hadn’t had enough fun driving the last few days. If you ever get a chance, take the R251 through the Blue Stack Mountains – there are breathtaking views around every curve.

A sporting match was due to be played this afternoon in Ballybofey which caused a bit of a traffic jam. Along the main street vendors had tables set out to hawk the Donegal sporting gear (flags, banners, lanyards, hats and such), and it gave me another clue to why I love Donegal so much – they have the same colors as the Green Bay Packers!

It’s amazing how all my rental cars magically know the way to Belleek (and don’t go thinking you’re all getting gifts – this sojourn is costing me enough as it is – my gift to you is this up close and personal view of Ireland, so just read on and enjoy what you’ve been given).

Aon caisleán amháin inniu. Tully Castle along the banks of Lough Eske near Enniskillen. It’s a ruined castle, quite small as they go, but they have maintained the gardens which are nicely manicured. It had awesome views of the lake from the upper floor windows. A family was picnicking inside the estate and their little terrier (Buster) took a liking to me and started to follow me as I was leaving. (There’s something about people with pet allergies that is attractive to animals.) Two of the girls eventually chased him down while I assured a little 2-3 year old boy that, yes, Buster would be coming back. Well, at least I thought they had him under control, but as I returned to the rental car, here came the dog trotting down the gravel path after me (I’m now several hundred yards from the castle). I kindly told him I was leaving and he had better return to his family and after a brief stare-down, he must have determined that I was serious and took off back up the road.

On the drive back from the castle, for some reason I wasn’t doing my usual break-neck speed down the two lane highway which was fortunate as a red fox darted out from the left and crossed the road in front of me. Fear not, there were no screeching of tyres (that’s how it’s spelled here) or swerving towards ditches, s/he had plenty of time to make it across. To my knowledge there were no horns sounding and no pack of dogs in pursuit. Hopefully s/he’s a harbinger of good luck, as I could use a little in my life.

Having had my fill of sun for the day (I’m as pale as the locals), I headed back to Bundoran to get caught up on my writing projects which have been neglected during this long weekend.


  1. Hi Dawn ~
    Enjoying your blog very much. Lovely to read about all of the places and things you are exploring. Miss you in ceili class – we had the NW Folklife Festival in Seattle today. Typical ‘Irish’ weather sans any sunbreaks. We danced the Cross of Ardboe and the Shanless Reel and then it was ‘everybody up!’ for a ceili.
    Thanks for sharing your writing and travels with us all. Looking forward to future postings!
    Slan go foill 🙂
    ~ Carin

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