Posted by: mdmusingsie | May 29, 2010

Castle Hunting, lá an dó

Instead of hoping on the motorway I decided to drive through Kildare town, for no other reason than checking out the scenic route. While this was entertaining for a while, as soon as you get behind a few slow moving trucks with no passing opportunities, it wears thin so I ended up back on the motorway around Port Laoise.

First stop of the day was the Rock of Cashel. The round tower is the oldest part of the buildings, dating back to around 1101. Once the seat of the overkings of Munster, the site was given to the church about the same time by the then King of Cashel who hoped to gain greater standing with the church hierarchy. There were two crypts in the Nave, one smaller than the other, based on how much they gave. Things haven’t changed much in nearly a thousand years, people are still trying to buy their way into favor or even heaven, as if it money could magically erase all their sins.

There is scaffolding over Cormac’s Chapel as moisture has leaked through the roof and was causing damage not only to the structure but the remaining portions of the frescos. The temporary roof will allow things to dry out (though it will likely take around 2 years) and then they can undertake repairs to keep the moisture out.

Supposedly, a piece of the rubble from Cromwell’s canons (may he be twisting over a roaring inferno in the seventh level of hell) was sent to Watertown, Wisconsin to be used in the building of St. Bernard’s Church, though precious little information was available on the subject after a Google search. Maybe some of my Wisconsin relatives can check it out 😉

Then on to Cahir Castle where I would be spending the night just up the road at the Cahir House Hotel (my room even had a view of the castle!). It is said to be one of the best preserved castles in Ireland. It sits on an island in the middle of the River Suir. This castle was built by the O’Brien’s in 1142 and then granted to the Butler’s in 1375. It had one of the largest guarderobes I’ve seen – usually there are little more than the average broom closet. There are impressive views of the river from the North Tower.


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