Posted by: mdmusingsie | May 25, 2010

Nature Update, Bicycle Race

After several days of sunshine, the lilac blossoms have been coaxed out of hiding and are in full bloom. I walked past several fuchsia trees who have yet to divulge the secrets of their pods, however.

Rhubarb plants are scattered along the roadside, not unlike blackberry bushes; yet they want €2 in the store for a few stalks.

On to something completely different

This afternoon I heard some noise outside that sounded like a bullhorn, followed by sirens. Now, if you’ve looked on the map or read any of my previous posts, Clonbur is not exactly on the main thoroughfare through Ireland.

Naturally, after hearing sirens I had to get up and look out the window only to find a number of garda on motorcycles cruising through town. After a few other vehicles with bicycles mounted on top passed through, a few cyclists appeared, speeding through town. Looking down the road, I saw that school had been let out (could have been lunch time) and they were standing by the side of the road waving and cheering. Next thing I knew a massive gaggle of bicyclists came around the corner and sped past my window. Wish my camera would have been handy!

Once the main pack passed by there were several sets of stragglers intermittently spread between more vehicles with lots of bicycles atop, more motorcycle personnel, and a few interspersed non-participating vehicles.

They even closed off one of the streets (there is a Y in the middle of Clonbur and they closed the east fork). The cyclists were coming from Cong and heading towards Maam.

Of course I had to look it up and it appears the FBD Insurance Rás is in full force – an 8 day, over 1200 km race. From the web site, it appears the course varies slightly from year to year, but makes a circuit around a good part of Ireland.

Doesn’t it just make your tóin sore just thinking about bicycling that many km’s? However, maith thú to those who give it a go!

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