Posted by: mdmusingsie | May 20, 2010


It’s nearly 11 pm and I’m mostly hanging out waiting to run some data updates before signing off from work. Thursdays are long days due to the release schedule back in the states.

After a lovely day with plenty of sunshine to dry those pesky towels, it just started pouring.

Now a lot of you will likely cringe at the thought, but for some reason I find the sound of rain very soothing. Yes, a light drizzle is better if you’re out and about, but if you are indoors, you can’t hear the drizzle, but you can hear a downpour. I often get up to look so I can see the rain falling, and actually did that here, though it’s dark and difficult to see.

I’ve written many poems about rain. Maybe someday I’ll let someone read some of them, but not just yet. I also used rain in a positive way in my novels, which I hope to publish someday (soon).

I’ve slowed down the blogging to allow myself more time on my actual writing/editing, that has been sorely neglected these last number of months. Besides, when I’m working all day there isn’t much else going on.

There was a pure white calf out in the field behind the apartment yesterday, nuzzling with a dark brown elder, likely it’s mother. If only the world could see beyond color as well.

The music of the raindrops is lulling me to sleep.


  1. Rain. Today, it rained, hailed, sunned, hailed, thundered, sunned, rained, sunned, and rained again. We had all the doors and windows open. I prefer warm rain, this was cold, but not freezing.

    The hail, though, that I could have lived without.

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