Posted by: mdmusingsie | May 6, 2010

Random Thoughts

I walked past a lilac bush and saw its tiny buds, not quite ready to burst into the chilly spring air, and strolled past daffodils dancing in the breeze. Little lambs chased their mother in the field behind the apartment as they yearn for her nourishment and comfort.

All those flowers are have bloomed already back in Vancouver, Washington. Life is just getting started here in Ireland, in more ways than one.

Tá an aimsir scamallach dhá lá ach bhí grianmhar beag tráthnóna.

I drove down to Salthill. I had need of being near ocean waters, today. Even during a storm or rough seas, I find the water calming. Took a long walk along the Galway Bay and tried to absorb the peace of the tranquil waters. While it didn’t resolve anything (regarding where I will end up living the rest of my stay), it was cathartic and brought me peace for a while. If only I could take this apartment and move it 20 km closer to Galway. Ach, cad é a bheith, a bheith (or as the French say, ce sera, sera).

Update: Found rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol at a pharmacy. I could buy a case for what they charge for one small bottle. I may need to change my antiseptic of choice.

An tsíocháin agus an grá chugaibh


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