Posted by: mdmusingsie | May 5, 2010

…..or not ;-(

On Sunday I started doing some research on transportation options in Clonbur. Despite Bus Eireann’s claims to “go everywhere in Ireland” they don’t go to Clonbur. The nearest town they service is 6 km (3+ miles) away and they only have limited service. I checked into cabs and it would be €65 or about $100 one way into Galway City. It’s looking like I may have to see about getting out of this apartment and moving closer to the city where I can get bus service and rent a car when I need one. Renting a car for the whole 3 months is not a financially feasible option, especially since I didn’t win Euro Millions this weekend and we didn’t win Megamillions, either {sigh}. I’m so happy to be spending my precious vacation days apartment hunting (arís).

Monday was a bank holiday (they have a lot of them) so I went exploring as I couldn’t stand the 56k connection I was getting. I went to see Aughnanure Castle near Oughterard which is directly across Lake Corrib from Clonbur (no, I didn’t go over/through the lake – contrary to popular opinion, I don’t walk on water, though they do have occasional ferries to Cong, I found out). I do love castles, but I have no idea how they got around all the time on those tiny, circular staircases. My castle (when I finally do win Powerball/Megamillions/EuroMillions/etc.) will have much more accessible staircases 😉

From there I went to Brigit’s Garden near Moycullen. What a wonderful, peaceful place – just what I needed. They have walking trails and standing stones (newly erected, not ancient), and all kinds of very nicely organized gardens depicting the four Celtic seasons. They even have a pond where children can use nets to catch newts and water beetles and other creepy crawlies. There were quite a few families there and the kids were really enjoying the “fishing”. The only thing they are missing which would make it perfect is a labyrinth. I’ll just have to use my travel one to help meditate (thanks Leslee – that was a great gift from years back).

Pictures are now on my web site

Things I haven’t been able to find:
Wax Paper (thanks to Mary Smith for suggesting I look for Greaseproof paper — I’ll check it out next time I’m in the store)
Rubbing Alcohol
100% Cranberry Juice (only the sugar or chemical laden juice drink stuff)



  1. I’ve caught up with all your wanderings — what an adventure. Looking forward to more.

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