Posted by: mdmusingsie | May 2, 2010

Clonbur Apartment

The apartment I’m renting is nice and the view of Mount Gable is gorgeous. Technically it’s 3 bedroom, but the one bedroom is small, even by European standards and would be better suited to an office. For my purposes, it may or may not end up that way depending on where the broadband is installed and whether I get a wireless router.

The washing machine is a combo washer/dryer. It’s not a bad concept, except they are small and although you can wash quite a bit in it, drying is another matter. Think of the US sized dryer which is usually at least twice the size of your washer. Items need room to roam in order to dry. Ar ndóigh, it’s all about energy (conservation) over here – electricity is daor, chomh maith. I found a drying rack but no clothes line to hang out, and it would have been a good day as in the later afternoon the rain cleared up and the sun was shining brightly.

I went down to the local pub for dinner, to start to get a feel for the place. The barman was nice enough, though I didn’t expect folks to warm up to strangers right away. This isn’t one of the hot tourist spots, although Ashford Castle is just down the road a few km and right before Cong (you know, that next town over where they filmed The Quiet Man). I had a delicious chicken curry and rice, that was served with……..a side of chips (aka fries) – this is Ireland, after all.

They were supposed have a trad session Saturday night at the pub starting around 10:30 but when I went down there, I didn’t hear any live music, so I didn’t go in. There are many things I can/will do by myself, but hang out in a bar is not one of them. If there is a band playing (or a set of random musicians called a session), that’s one thing, but without that, I just can’t do it – it suits no purpose for me.

My sleep pattern isn’t quite regulated yet; I fall asleep for a few hours, toss and turn for a few hours, then sleep for another few hours. It’s getting better and I should be on a normal schedule soon.

Broadband won’t be installed until Wednesday, so in the mean time I’m using a mobile internet USB device. I hesitate to call it “mobile broadband” because, although I had a 7 mb connection in Galway City, my connection up in the wild green yonder has been 56k (Juli, I’m feeling your dialup pain!). That and the time factor are the reasons why there are yet no pictures on the web site (soon, I promise!).

Random thought:
It’s nearly 9:45 pm on April 30th and there is still a hint of light in the sky here.

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