Posted by: mdmusingsie | April 30, 2010

Household shopping

Not surprisingly, when it comes to shopping, I’m not in Kansas (or WA) anymore.  Since my apartment didn’t come with linens, I had a bit of non-traditional working-holiday shopping to do.  Want sheets?  We have a lovely selection of white an ecru.  I eventually did find some color, but it is definitely not the norm and they were only in cotton/poly percale.  On the flip side, you can find every pattern and color of duvet covers.  I can’t help thinking that this says something about the different cultures, but haven’t quite pinned it down yet (besides heat is daor and they all have down comforters).

I had already been grocery shopping both in the Orkneys and in Ireland, so I pretty well knew what to expect.  These places are Islands and getting produce here is a much bigger challenge. Fruit is much smaller, but very good quality and in some respects, more variety as they have more of the unique tropical fruits.  Ann Doherty from Ceili dance class (Up Donegal!) had already warned me that our granulated sugar is their raster sugar.  They do have granulated sugar but it’s courser and not as suited to baking (one of my specialties).

So far, the only thing I haven’t been able to find is wax paper.


  1. Hi Dawn…Mary, from the Tir Eoghain Ceili Class. What a great adventure you are having! RE-wax paper…ask/ look for Greaseproof Paper…I think you’ll find it’s the same thing. Look for Caster Sugar for baking …it’s not so coarse. Have fun! Love, Mary

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